Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Jakarta - Sinjai-Jakarta

It's about 1477 km from our home to Sinjai, South Sulawesi.
2 hour to the airport.
2 hours on a plane to Makassar.
and 7 hours road trip to Sinjai.

Bawean island.

Jeneberang river. Jeneberang means 'water or river for washing machetes'. The river rises near the 2833 meter high mountain Mount Bawakaraeng and runs through the districts of Gowa and Takalar up to the port city of Makassar, flowing into the Makassar Strait. It has flooded the city regularly.

Sky above Malino at night. Malino is a part of Gowa district, famous for a vacation spot since the Dutch collonial era. With 1050 m as its height above sea level, this place has temperature ranging from 10 to 26 degrees of celcius. Beware of the thick fog.
Fortunately the sky was clear and we can see a lot of stars. I can even saw the milky way, a really rare view for the city folks.

Storm brewing above Malino when we got back to Makassar.

it's a great trip afterall, even though we all got exhausted and fell ill after we got back. 

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Photographool said...

Hey, my daughter has that same red beanie :D It's great you could take a break from the city life and appreciate the simple things such as the different views of the stars :)